Friday, 28 February 2014

A rockin' great week!

Well, dear readers...the last week has been a wonderful ride. Hot Rock my latest book was released on Monday and the reception has been amazing.

My dear husband informed  the other day that vampires were out and time travel was in...and he may have been right!
 Since the book was released only a few days ago there have been many wonderful reviews and a flurry of emails asking for another book in the series.

Writing Hot Rock was an absolute  pleasure for me. I was able to combine many of my favorite things into one story. My love of the English countryside, the seventies,  particularly seventies music and rock stars, and my fascination with all things mystical like ley lines and time travel.
 Here are some of the pictures that inspired me as I wrote...

Band members

The festival goers
 Readers have really understood the time travel and loved my hero and heroine...Davy and Megan.

The pyramid stage
M.Smith in California says...

"Ms. Seaton pens a time travel romance unlike any other I've read. I loved the characters, the differences in time periods, and how time really had no hold over their love. David and Megan truly were meant to love each other...whenever they are."

Another reviewer on Amazon made my day...

"Time travel with a hot 70's rock star? But Annie Seaton somehow made it work and made me wish it was about a hundred pages longer. I mean, she could pull a Diana Gabaldon and drag 70's rock star drama through seven books and I'd be okay with that!"

So I guess I'd better get writing the next book and make it a series. What do readers think about that? Comment below to go in the draw for an additional $10 gift card drawn on 15 March after the tour.

Over the next few weeks I am privileged to be appearing on some blog and review sites... if you would like to follow and enter the raffle copter at each stop... here are the links... and the raffle copter is at the bottom of this page too. There is a giveaway of my three Affairs books in one bundle and another $10 gift card.
Happy reading!

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Davy Morgan


  1. Love the pics. Yes more of this in a series.

  2. I loved Hard Rock! I would also like to read more books like this.

    Thanks Annie (:

  3. Yes!! We need more books in this series!! Loved Hot Rock!!

  4. Yes you should really make it into a series. I liked Hot Rock but think I would have loved it if was a full novel. A novella is way too short to get into the story.

  5. Annie, have I told how much I loved this book?

  6. Ooh! Definitely make it a series!

  7. Thank you for writing Hot Rock.

  8. LOVED the book, I can't wait for more books!

  9. Would love a series but then have loved everything you've written so not surprised

  10. I would like to read another book on time travel. Get writing Annie! :-)

  11. Looks fantastic! Got my copy :)

  12. I do love time travel books and I vote for more, more, more of Hot Rock! :)

  13. yeah awesome Annie! Congrats and yes more time travel please :)

  14. Definitely more.Congratulations on the release

  15. I would love it as a series. I loved Hot Rock.

  16. Enjoyed reading the post for this book & I'm looking forward to reading it!

  17. Hot Rock was great. Please write a sequel!

    1. won! Please email me for your prize!

  18. Best of success with your newest release Annie.

  19. Thanks for the giveaway and the reminders about the tour!

  20. Congrats on your newest launch :)

  21. WTG on the new book!!!!! And thank you for the giveaway!

  22. Thank you for the giveaway I loved loved this book :)

  23. Yes and thank you for the giveaway

  24. I'm going thru the new Facebook group! Thanks for adding me! I need to add this book to my Goodreads list! Woo :)

  25. What does it mean when you ask for link to goodread book self.

  26. yes, vampires are going down for me and yes this should become a series

  27. time travel has always been a fascination for me. I'm not as sure about vampires **smile**.

  28. Amanda Gardner9 March 2014 08:23

    Congrats on the book. Write what you feel comfortable writing

  29. Interesting idea. I want to read it!!

  30. Kelly P is the winner! Please email to collect your prize

  31. A series? Awesome! Hot Rock was a great book :)


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